Earthshine Nature Programs is a small, volunteer owned and operated, not for profit, educational organization with
IRS 501c3 status.

We teach science-focused wildlife and nature conservation, and awareness, and renewable energy, electric vehicle, and indigenous music lessons through exciting hands-on outreach and field study programs to people of all ages. 
COVID-19 Statement

 Yes! we are now available for in-person programming - but only in settings where physical distancing and good ventilation can easily be maintained.  Steve O'Neil, our executive director/outreach program presenter, has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and we are continuing to follow all COVID-19 recommendations as set by the NIH, CDC, and WHO.  As of June 2021, we have resumed our regular programming but will adjust and adapt as the health experts recommend. As always, we are available for phone, Zoom, and in-person consultations relating to wildlife/environmental questions/inquiries and issues. 


Mission Statement, Purpose, Vision, and Values

Earthshine Nature Programs was founded in 2010 by naturalist Steve O'Neil.  Our mission is to provide a unique learning environment and opportunities for everyone that will foster a lasting curiosity, interest, respect, love, and hopefully greater conservation of wildlife, wild places, and the fragile environment that supports us all. 

We work to provide exciting outreach programming taking our wildlife and nature conservation, science advocacy, and renewable energy messages to local, regional, and worldwide communities via schools, libraries, camps, offices, churches, special events, festivals, and other public and private organizations and online via our website, Youtube channel, blogs and Facebook page. 

We have created and maintain a one of a kind, solar-powered, nature, and science education classroom that is open to our students throughout the week and to the public by appointment.

We provide a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation-focused nature center facility for the continued conservation and study of our native wildlife.

We function as a collaborative entity seeking to work with other organizations with the goals of wildlife and nature conservation, education and exploration, nature and science awareness, and the promotion and expansion of renewable energy and zero and low carbon resources such as solar, wind, micro-hydro, electric vehicles and their infrastructure.

Earthshine nature programs