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NOTE: Our most up-to-date wishlist can be found on our Amazon Wish List page. 

It takes a lot of work to keep a non-profit dedicated to misunderstood animals, wildlife conservation, rescue and rehabilitation,  science, renewable energy, and EV education running smoothly and effectively. 

From maintenance, and special projects to outreach education and more...all of these things add up to make our science and nature center and mobile outreach classrooms truly one-of-a-kind education facilities that make a great difference in the lives and futures of our animals and our students--the future caretakers of our fragile shared earth.

We also share a wonderful partnership with Trails Carolina and Trails Momentum in which we provide environmental education classes to their student populations of at-risk middle and high school-age students.  Your support will directly support these students in their growth, appreciation, understanding, and support of themselves and in turn the wild places and wild things with which we share this beautiful planet.   

To make this happen we need your help.

All donations of new or used equipment and/or funds are tax-deductible and if requested, a receipt will be provided for your records.


Our current wishlist consists of major habitat, education, and infrastructure supporting items.  The components we are in need of most are listed below with links to the items should you decide to help us shorten our wishlist.    If you choose to support us anonymously, you may do so by using our Amazon Wish List or via our PayPay link below.  

Please also visit our donate page for our other needs. 


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