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Support us with the purchase of one of our wildlife conservation publications.  These unique documents are the chronicles of three separate wildlife conservation/education projects undertaken by ENP Executive Director Steve O'Neil between 2008 and 2016. 

The amazing stories of these wild reptile conservation projects and are in the form of three unique publications.  


The first available of these three publications – The Rattlesnakes of the Blue Ridge – contains a naturalist’s perspective on everything we have learned by following the secret lives of Utsanati and Zoe – the two wild Timber rattlesnakes we followed in their native habitats for four years in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of WNC. 


Within the pages, you will find an overview of the natural history of the Timber rattlesnake, a consolidation of my field observations and personal reflections, tracking and activity maps, and many high-quality photographs from the field.  This document, and the others that will follow on the Eastern box turtle and Black rat snake tracking projects, will grant fascinating insight into the lives of these unique, wonderful, and very misunderstood creatures as well as useful information on coexisting with these animals and other native wildlife species on your lands.  All proceeds from the sale of this and the future documents in this series will be 100% directed toward our continuing nonprofit wildlife conservation, rehabilitation, and environmental education missions.

To purchase a copy of The Rattlesnakes of the Blue Ridge, and/or to pre-order Turtle Tracks: Box Turtles of the Blue Ridge or Snake Trails: The Rat Snakes That Live Among Us at the special price of $30.00 each – please contact us via the below form for availability/shipping information. 


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