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Our newest Outreach Vehicle is our mobile outreach classroom that we call the

  SS NaSA PoD 

This is short for

Science Steve's Nature and Science Adventure Pod of Discovery.


We use the PoD as a mobile outreach classroom to bring our programming to schools, camps, and other organizations in a ventilated, "covid-safe," outdoor environment. 


The PoD has been in service bringing nature, wildlife, indigenous music, and science awareness and appreciation to campers, students, and our outreach programming participants in the WNC area since the spring of 2022.

Please contact us if you would like to experience a wildlife, nature, or science program from the SS NaSA PoD.


























An early photo of the PoD just after we installed the solar array.

While in service, the PoD is still a work in progress.  Currently, it includes the following systems.  

- 1780 watt bifacial solar array on a custom fabricated frame.

- Victron power management and 800aH LiFePo battery storage system

- 12 "habitat pods" to provide climate-regulated housing for our education animals while on "expo"

- OVS Nomadic 270 awning (w/walls when needed) covering the teaching area

- PA/Sound system with lavalier microphones

- Microscope station w/2 scopes 

- Flatscreen monitor for the showing of nature and science documentaries and/or telescope/microscope use

- Real-time environmental monitoring system that includes: weather, air quality, and local area video monitoring and    security system

- External power outlets 120 VAC x 2, 5VDC (USB) x 2, 12 VDC x 1

- External power inlets 240 VAC 50 Amp J-1772 EVSE x 1, 240 VAC NEMA 14-50 x 1 w 25' cable

- Internal power outlets: 120 VAC x 2, 12 VDC x 3, 5VDC x 4

- Potable freshwater inlets: City water attachment x 1, gravity feed potable H2o port x 1

- Potable freshwater outlet x 2 (for filling water bottles, dog's bowls, etc.)

- Full wet bathroom with sink, shower, and toilet. 

- 18 gallons onboard freshwater storage

- 120 VAC 6-gallon hot water heater

- LED lighting inside and out

- Bunk arrangement: 1 Double bed, 1 bunk above the dinette area

- Cook nook includes a sink, inductive cooktop, 12 VDC fridge/freezer.

- Spare tire.

The things that remain before the PoD is fully complete (to be completed in 2023). 

- Field guide library and "Little Free Library" style library systems (these will be mounted on the PoD's future tow          vehicle)

- Shore/EVSE power connections (still waiting on a special part)

- USB device charging station for public use at festivals (in the design phase - may be mounted on the PoD's future     tow vehicle)

- Telescope station (in the design phase)

- Composting toilet (this will eventually replace the standard water-wasting toilet)

















To everyone who has supported this project with your donations, expertise, time, and tools - you are all heroes!


The PoD is almost finished!  We hope to have it fully completed by the spring of 2023. Please consider supporting us via the link below so we can make more awesome happen!

Read the entire story of the PoD on our blog:

Direct link:

Watch all the PoD videos on its YouTube playlist

Direct link:

From Steve and the crew at Earthshine Nature Programs

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has helped us make all this awesome possible!!!




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