Over the last decade of ENP, we have worked very hard to educate and inspire the next generation about the beauty, uniqueness, and necessity of nature, wildlife, and our connection to our natural environment. 


We have worked to instruct others in ways they can live closer to and in harmony with nature by lowering their impact on the natural world. 


We have rescued hundreds of wild creatures and released many of them back home in their natural habitats. 


We have constructed a solar array with the help of our volunteers, interns, and students that powers our classroom, office, and wildlife rehabilitation facility - and provides enough excess energy to power our all-electric outreach vehicle AND several nearby buildings.


We could not have done any of these things without our friends, supporters, and benefactors who have made it all possible. 


THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

THANK YOU from our education animals!!

THANK YOU from the next generation of students who will hopefully make the most of the knowledge we share and use it to CHANGE THE WORLD for the benefit of everyone and everything moving forward!

Earthshine nature programs

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