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Check out these links to projects Steve is working on!

Blue Ridge Electric Vehicle Club

In 2013 ENP Executive Director Steve O'Neil co-founded the Blue Ridge Electric Vehicle Club.  Through the BREV club, Steve and ENP and the over 300 members of the club work to educate others on what we see as the inevitable future of automotive transportation the world over.  Steve often says: " I have driven a 100% electric first-generation Nissan Leaf EV for over 6 years and 78k miles and now I drive a 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV and I find driving electric to be a better way to drive and I will never go back to gas.  I feel that I must share this knowledge with other open-minded people so they can then make informed decisions on how to drive.  ...did I mention that my EV gets its fuel from the sun so it is truly zero-emission and almost free to drive! 

EV's + Renewable energy = Freedom.


Air Quality Monitoring

In late 2017 ENP became a volunteer with the Clean Air Carolina Air Keepers Project.  The Air Keepers are working to monitor the air in all counties of NC so citizens will be empowered through science to act against those who would pollute our shared air harming our health and the health of our environment.  

Anyone can join the Air Keepers project and feel free to view the map of our area's air quality.  The air sensor on our classroom can be seen on the map on the east side of Dupont Forest.


In 2019 Steve was recognized by Clean Air Carolina with the Blue Sky Award for his work with the Air Keepers project.  



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