Electric Vehicles & Renewable Energy 101 

ENP's Executive Director Steve O'Neil is passionate about wildlife conservation, the didgeridoo, renewable energy, and Electric Vehicles (EV’s).  He feels that by using renewable energy and driving an EV a person will be helping to protect and conserve nature and wildlife by using clean energy and driving a vehicle that does not pollute the earth like internal combustion engine-powered vehicles--especially if the EV is powered by renewable energy sources. 


Steve's research suggests fossil fuels have reached the end of their usefulness and have become a detriment to our continued existence.  Therefore, it is only logical they should be retired as fast as possible and replaced with clean, energy-secure, distributed, energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydro-electric, wave, and tidal renewable energy sources coupled with the latest in battery storage technologies. Steve's research and support of this system-wide energy and transportation conversion are not driven by a political leaning or a desire for profit - it is driven only by the best available science, by a passionate commitment to stewardship of nature and our shared environment, and by a deep desire to preserve our futures. 

EV's 101: In this unique programs, Steve will drive a Chevrolet Bolt fully electric vehicle to your location, go over its features, demonstrate its workings, take you for a test ride/drive (depending on the numbers in your group) and answer all of your questions about this clean, green, smart, and surprisingly affordable technology that is here to stay.  Steve has driven tens of thousands of gas-free miles in his EV, saved loads of money, reduced his impact on our shared earth, and with this program, you can learn how, like Steve, you can “Kick Gas” and experience the freedom and joy of driving electric!  As part of this program, Steve will also bring some of his solar-charged electric yard tools to demonstrate how gas is no longer needed on the roads, and on the lawn. 

Renewable Energy 101: In this program, Steve will bring several working examples of his favorite form of renewable energy - solar power - to your location.  He will explain how they work and even let you explore them in a hands-on show and tell 

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1.5-2 hour program: $100 *This program is discounted because Steve feels that EV and renewable energy knowledge just needs to get out there to the general public. 


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