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Earthshine Nature Community Assistance Program


Once we acquire an all-electric outreach and utility vehicle we will establish this program and use this very capable vehicle - as well as the SS NaSA PoD - to provide volunteer assistance to organizations, individuals, and families in need within our local community. 


We will support the following needs and more; 

- transport of home/farm/garden/grocery/food/water supplies, etc.

- access/use of truck-type utility vehicles.

- storm/disaster assistance.

 - emergency or remote temporary power sources.

- support local service organizations at events.

- multi-day loan to remote construction sites

(with priority to nonprofit projects) 


Environmental service projects we will support;

- environmental and wildlife conservation, study, rescue, and monitoring.

- environmental and historical cleanups and restoration initiatives.

- invasive species removal.

NOTE: Due to the inherent liability involved, this service will not include or allow any individuals other than ENP staff or volunteers to drive or be a passenger in any of the ENP outreach/utility vehicles.

This program will be possible because these electric vehicles are essentially giant rolling batteries/microgrids with integrated 120/240 volt AC and 5-12 volt DC electric power provisioning systems allowing them to be used as mobile power sources/generators providing mobile and/or emergency power to almost anywhere it is needed by simply plugging in an extension cord or USB device.


As our future electric utility vehicle and the existing SS NaSA PoD will and are fueled via locally-sourced, solar-generated electricity - they are both free to fuel and drive.  Therefore, we will transfer these huge cost savings to the recipient and provide this service free of charge to those individuals and organizations in need within our community.


To make the ENCAP program a reality we will partner with other local nonprofits and community service/aid organizations as well as environmental conservation organizations and agencies in order to connect with and bring this service to those in need.

Please consider helping us make this program happen by making a donation to our New Outreach Vehicle Fundraiser

or support us via our GoFundMe fundraiser or via the PayPal link below



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