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The Nature of the Didgeridoo


Didgeridoo Program Pricing Schedule 

For programs with a 50-mile radius of Brevard, NC 

1-1.5 hour programs: $250 (PoD program $300)

For programs outside a 50-mile radius of Brevard, NC.

1 - 1.5 hour programs: $300 (PoD program $350 - $400)


This is a unique program all about the ancient Australian Aboriginal musical instrument known as the Didgeridoo.   The Didgeridoo literally has its roots in the nature of the Outback of Australia.  The sound and story of the Didgeridoo are unique and unusually beautiful and a must for all to experience.  Steve will bring his Didgeridoos to you and share with you a part factual and part mythical story about the creation of the world's oldest woodwind instrument.


Steve will also demonstrate how to play this remarkable instrument whose healing sounds and ancient roots spread deep into the nature and mystery of the Australian outback. 


Everyone will then have the opportunity to construct their own didgeridoo out of locally grown bamboo to take home and learn how to play. 

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