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Momentum Partnership

Director Steve also works as environmental educator at Momentum where he and his students created the

Momentum Science Program 

Our goal is to renew our student's connections with a childhood curiosity in how the world works and work to impart positive interests and constructive reasons to get excited and inspired again about science and the natural world we all share and rely on for our very existence. 

Our science-supported, experiential, wildlife, nature, and environmental conservation, energy, and science awareness programs and projects have real purpose and meaningful, long-lasting goals.


These programs serve to give our students the chance to step outside the box and take steps to make lasting, positive changes in their lives in order to create a "new normal" in themselves and in their relationships with friends, family members, and with the natural world around them.

In class, our students learn, build, and are inspired by directly contributing to lasting wildlife, ecology, nature conservation, and renewable energy projects that work to make their lives and their world, a better place.


The Science & Nature Center Classroom 























Our classroom/lab is located on the beautiful, forested, campus of Momentum adjacent to DuPont Forest, NC.  In this rustic, solar-powered, log cabin/nature and experiential science lab, we host a variety of tame education animal ambassadors that are former pets and/or are habituated, non-releasable rescues that we have adopted and given forever homes.   

Our students work with naturalist "Science" Steve as they call him, to care for these animals during scheduled class time.  This hands-on, one-on-one, care of our resident animals leads to a deeper curiosity which fosters a greater level of understanding and respect - with many students often forming bonds with the animals, bonds that frequently lead to amazing changes and personal growth within the students.


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