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Earthshine Nature Programs (ENP) is a 100% donation-funded and volunteer-owned and operated (501c3) nonprofit organization. 


Your support makes it all possible!

If you would like to donate directly to ENP to provide support for the continued operation of our wildlife conservation, rehabilitation, and education programs, as well as our nature and science outreach education efforts, and the operation of the ENP/Trails Science and Nature Center--



There are several ways to support us.


You may support us through direct donations of funds and supplies. If you would like to directly support us with a monetary donation there are several ways to do so. 




You may donate to us by clicking on the PayPal link below or you may simply contact us for our mailing address at:

NOTE: If you would like to earmark your donation to a specific area of need please visit our Classroom Solar Project page on GoFundMe linked below or see our wish list lower on this page for more information on our current needs.

We welcome your support in keeping our unique programming alive – especially recently with the pandemic greatly reducing our nonprofit income.

There are many more ways you can choose to help us make our programs a reality.  

Go Fund Me

We currently have an ongoing GoFundMe campaign where you may donate to our latest fundraiser – visit it at


Volunteer with us

You may opt to donate time and energy by volunteering at our Science and Nature Center classroom – we always have loads of projects from working in the garden, cleaning animal habitats,  carpentry, yard work, and volunteering at public events and festivals (when those happen again), etc. so if you like to get your hands dirty for a good cause then just contact us at or call Steve at (828) 606-8939 to set up a time to give us a hand around the classroom/farm.


Our Wish List

Our current biggest needs are as follows:

Item of need #1

A second outreach vehicle for our "fleet."  

While our Chevy Bolt EV - the Mighty Bolt as we lovingly call her - is a wonderful vehicle, it is not capable of pulling our mobile outreach classroom - the SS NaSA PoD.  What we now need to make the SS NaSA PoD much more sustainable and an even better teaching tool for our programming - is an electric vehicle capable of pulling its ~3,600 lb weight when fully loaded. 


We have determined that the best current options for a dedicated tow vehicle for the PoD are the  Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1TRivian R1S,  

or a Tesla Cybertruck (Steve's favorite). 


Any one of these capable electric vehicles - lightly used or even new - will allow us to easily pull our mobile outreach classroom anywhere in our service area.  Obviously, any of the trucks would be the wiser choice as they also allow the hauling of materials/supplies in their beds/frunks.   


Due to their electric drive trains, any one of these vehicles - when coupled with the SS NaSA PoD - will become great and positive EV+renewable energy educational tools in our outreach programming "fleet." 


If you would like to help us make this happen for our classroom and our students and our shared environment, please click the donate link below or contact us.    


Learn more about our current outreach vehicles. 



Item #2

Help us complete Phase Three of our

student-built classroom solar energy project.

After the primary solar array was completed in 2019 we began the planning and fundraising stages for the third and final phase of this amazing project. Phase Three will consist of a plug-and-play battery storage system that will store much of the excess power generated by the array.  This energy will then be used at night to keep the building's systems running using stored solar energy as well as acting as a backup power supply during periods of power outages that are frequent in our remote, wilderness location.  To make Phase Three happen we need your support.  If you would like to help us make this happen for our classroom and our students and our shared environment, please click the donate link below or contact us.    

We need your support to help us make these unique projects happen.  Please consider assisting us with a donation via the PayPal link below.








More Great Ways To Support Us



The Legacy Gift

A new way to support us is with a Legacy Gift.  This is a gift from you to Earthshine Nature Programs when you pass.  It could be monetary, land, or even a vehicle donation. 

If you choose a monetary donation you could leave it as a general gift we would then be able to use where it was most needed, or you could assign a specific use to it such as education, habitat construction, or special projects such as the completion of Phase Three of our Classroom Solar Array Project or our Nature Preserve project. 

If a land donation, and if the parcel has useable structures upon it, we may opt to use the structures to expand our outreach programming or simply sell it to support our organization.  If the land is undeveloped and valuable as wildlife habitat we may choose to preserve the land in your name (if you so choose) as a conservation easement and, if close to our area of operations, it would become an educational study site for our outreach programming and wildlife conservation activities - see the details of our nature preserve project on the Big Dream page.

If you choose to donate a vehicle we would either choose to sell it to raise funds to support our organization or, if your vehicle is 100% electric such as a Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf, or Tesla, it would be very useful to us so we may choose to put it into service as a company vehicle and use it in our wildlife rescue, renewable energy, and electric vehicle outreach education programming in the local and regional communities.


Either way, your choice to make your Legacy Gift to Earthshine Nature Programs would have a lasting and valuable impact on our ability to bring our nature, wildlife conservation, renewable energy, and science literacy messages to the hundreds of young naturalists, scientists, and thinkers we encounter each year via our outreach programming and through our partnership with Trails Carolina and Trails Momentum where Steve works as a naturalist. 


                                             Yes, it really is that easy to support us!                                                                            



Without your continued support, Earthshine Nature Programs would not function.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any size, end-of-the-year donation, legacy, vehicle, or land gift to ENP now or in the future. 


Earthshine Nature Programs is a 501c3, donation-funded, volunteer-owned and operated, wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, environmental stewardship, and science education charity organization.

If you would like a receipt of your donation for tax purposes, please note it along with your mailing address and we will promptly mail you a receipt.  

If you have questions about donations and/or need our mailing address please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help. 

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Steve O'Neil , Naturalist and Executive Director ENP


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