Our  Outreach Vehicles

At ENP we believe an outreach vehicle should not be a huge drain on a small nonprofit organization's resources or the resources of our shared environment.


We also want a vehicle that is easy on the natural environment that we are working to understand, protect, and educate you all about.

We also want a vehicle that we can fuel with "homegrown" renewable energy.

This is why, since 2013, ENP has been driving 100% electric vehicles.

Our first Outreach EV was a 2012 Nissan Leaf SL with 73 all-electric miles of driving range. 

Read the LEAF's story on our EV Blog.









Our Leaf served us well for 6 years and 78,000 miles and then, in late 2019, we EVolved to a 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV with a real-world driving range of 200-240 miles - a mighty improvement over the Leaf.

   We USE our Bolt EV and we LOVE our Bolt EV and we plan to drive it for as long as possible (we hope at least 8-10 years or more). 










In fact, read the latest Bolt Report on our EV Blog for more on the story and status of the "Mighty Bolt" as we lovingly call her.


Our newest Outreach Vehicle is our mobile outreach classroom that we call the


This is short for

Science Steve's Nature and Science Adventure Pod of Discovery.


We use the PoD as a mobile outreach classroom to bring our message to local schools, camps, and other organizations in a ventilated, covid-safe environment. 














The PoD is almost finished!  We hope to have it fully completed by the end of 2022.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has helped us make all this awesome possible!!!

Learn all about the SS NaSA PoD.



While we dearly love our Mighty Bolt EV - sadly, it is unable to pull the SS NaSA PoD.  Therefore, our biggest need for the future of our outreach programming, wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & conservation, and renewable energy/EV education - is an all-electric outreach vehicle with greater hauling and towing capabilities, better all-weather/all-terrain surface driving capabilities, and a longer driving range than the Mighty Bolt EV.   


For all these reasons our dream goal for a second outreach vehicle is the Tesla Cybertruck all-electric vehicle.  However, realistically, this electric vehicle may not be available to us for several more years - but we are really looking forward to the day it is.  In fact, we have even reserved a Cybertruck so we are in line to receive one once they start production...but the line is very long so it may be many years before we see our truck.


Therefore, until that time comes we believe the best choices for a second outreach vehicle for ENP would be either a Rivian pickup truck or Tesla Model Y.  Either of these vehicles are more than capable to pull the SS NaSA PoD and will allow us to complete all of the tasks we need to complete on a daily basis.  Obviously, until the Cybertruck is a reality - the Rivian R1T would be the most logical choice as it is a truck and it would cover all the bases of what we need an all-electric outreach vehicle needs to be.  Below are some ideas I have photoshopped of what a future ENP outreach vehicle might look like pulling the SS NaSA PoD. 




































The implementation of any one of these unique vehicles as a dedicated outreach vehicle will expand our daily driving range to around 300-500 miles from our base of operations, allow us to navigate almost any terrain/road conditions nature may offer us, allow us to easily pull our new mobile outreach classroom the SS NaSA PoD and/or a utility trailer and haul supplies when needed and, with the continued expansion of the regional and national EV fast-charging networks, our driving range will soon be increased to well over 1000 miles/day - amazing! 


If you are interested in donating a vehicle or assisting us with the acquisition of any of these unique vehicles please do contact us.



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