Off-Grid Solar Power System Installations for Vans, RVs, Tiny Homes, and more.


Need power for your RV/Van/Golf Cart Etc? 

 - power for your fridge, lights, computers, water pumps, etc. 

 - power ventilation fans, sound systems, and more! 

 - power for USB powered/charged devices.

   Earthshine Nature Programs will help you make it a reality. 

We will help you design and then install a system to suit your needs.

We will assist you in the installation of vehicle roof-mounted off-grid

solar energy systems consisting of:

 - 1 or more photovoltaic solar modules 

 - 1 or more batteries (AGM or Lithium preferred)

 - DC/AC power inverter and wiring

 - Solar charge controller and monitoring equipment 

- 120/12/5 volt power outlets 

Installation prices - we are not interested in profiting by helping you go solar.  We only want to spread the solar love.  We do not have set prices but we suggest the nominal donation suggestion of $20/hour. 

Funds donated to ENP will serve to further our outreach and in-house programming. 


Please Note/Disclaimer: After your installation is complete, energized, and functioning - our job is done, and it is your responsibility to keep your power system secure, safe, and in good working order.  However, we will always be available to answer any questions you have about your system and/or make recommendations/adjustments if need be.  Due to the nature of vehicle-mounted systems (heat/vibration/possible water infiltration etc.), we do not provide a warranty for any of our work.  It is also your responsibility to file any warranty documentation for any of the components you purchase and we work together to install. 





















Contact Steve O'Neil today to discuss planning your system.

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