The CrotalusRex and Mimichan Turtle Tracks Fundraiser Geocoin!

SECOND PRE-SALE UPDATE: As of August 19, 2009 all coins have been mailed and should arrive in your mail within the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you again for your support of the Turtle Tracks wildlife conservation and education project. There are still a few coins remaining so if you would like to get your hands on one just drop me an email or read on for more information.

I have designed this special geocoin as our personal Geocaching geocoin and as a fundraiser for my "Turtle Tracks" wildlife conservation and rehabilitation project with Eastern Box Turtles at Earthshine Mountain Lodge.

This coin is unique in that it rattles like a rattlesnake!

Each coin that is sold will have all of the the proceeds donated to fund the:

Turtle Tracks Eastern Box Turtle conservation project

that is ongoing at Earthshine Mountain Lodge in Lake Toxaway, NC.

The second pre-sale is over but there are still a few coins available!

If you missed the first and second minting of this unique and beautiful coin you may still be able to get yourself one or more of these unique wildlife conservation fundraiser coins. I still have coins in the original finishes of Bronze, Antique Silver and by popular demand--the Limited Edition (LE) Copper (this is the last time the LE Copper will be minted!) If you are interested in a coin(s) please contact me with your interest and shipping address first so I can check stocks and make sure I have the coins your are interested in. I will then email you with the details and you can confirm your order and pay for all of the coins that they are interested in through the paypal link below. There is not an official order form, all donations/sales will take place as outlined on this website. After you have paid I will ship your coin(s) to you asap. Prices and shipping will remain the same as with the first minting.

The coins will be in the three original finishes: silver, bronze and the Limited Edition copper of which only a small number will be produced. Below is a scan of the original minting finishes. The photos really do not do the coins justice--they are very beautiful.

The design and prices of the second minting of the coins will be exactly as the first. If you have already decided that you would like to purchase one or more coins the prices (donations) and shipping costs are as follows (NOTE: as of 3/16/2009 I have lowered the shipping cost because I have started using recycled packaging materials so the cost to you is now more reasonable and the cost to the environment is less also--WOO HOOO!!)

Within the continental USA

Bronze: $12.00 + 3.50 Shipping

Silver: $12.00 + 3.50 Shipping

Copper: $15.00 + 3.50 Shipping


Bronze: $12.00 + 6.00 Shipping

Silver: $12.00 + 6.00 Shipping

Copper: $15.00 + 6.00 Shipping

If you order 2 or more coins you will receive a discount in shipping so please contact me for more information if you plan to order 2 or more coins so I can calculate your discount.

You may donate any amount to the Turtle Tracks project, but for a limited time during the pre-sale, for a donation amount as specified above you may receive your choice of the geocoins listed above.

NOTE: there is not an official order form. In order for you to order and receive your geocoin you will need to contact me via the link below before or during the pre-sale prior to making your payment/donation to reserve your coins.

Donation/Payment: you may donate any amount to the Turtle Tracks project at any time. However, if you would like to receive a coin(s) for your donation you will need to contact me first so I can make sure I have the coins in stock that you are interested in. You also must contact me with your interest prior to making your donation so that I can calculate your shipping cost. After you have contacted me and I have calculated your shipping costs you can then donate/pay for your coin by using the Paypal "donate" link button below. Simply click the link and follow the instructions but be sure that your mailing address on Paypal is correct because this is where the coin(s) will be sent. If you would like me to ship the coin(s) to another address just let me know in your email when you contact me.

NOTE: I am unable to take credit cards at this time unless you use them through the Paypal link. If you would rather pay by money order please contact me at:


NOTE for Geocachers: Just like the real turtles in my study this unique coin will also be trackable! To track your coin (once you activate it on or you may simply log onto Geocaching.comand enter its tracking number to find out more about how to track it.

If you purchase a coin and decide to let it travel the globe with Geocachers please add a link to this page or to the Turtle Tracks Eastern Box Turtle conservation project
page so that anyone who finds this coin may learn about its conservation mission.

This coin was produced by check out their website by clicking here.

I have the good fortune to be able to work at Earthshine Mountain Lodge--a wonderful place where the management promotes and encourages wildlife conservation--a rare thing in this consumer driven society. In 2007, with the support of Earthshine, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission I set up the Turtle Tracks Eastern Box Turtle research, rehabilitation and conservation project which operates almost entirely on donations.

The project consists of a three interconnected parts.

1. Turtle Tracks is a wildlife research and conservation project focusing on the movements and habitat usage of the Eastern Box Turtle. We are currently radio tracking six wild Eastern Box Turtles at Earthshine Mountain Lodge and in a remote area of Cedar Mountain, NC.

2. The R&R box turtle rehabilitation facility is a veterinarian assisted outdoor facility where we care for turtles that have been hit by vehicles, injured by encounters with domestic animals or are suffering from sickness or disease.

3. Education through live animal shows and guided turtle tracking hikes at Earthshine Mountain Lodge and outreach programs at regional schools and libraries. A Turtle Tracks
website that follows the movements of each turtle with maps, photos and movies.

THANK YOU! to everyone who has purchased or will purchase one or more of these special coins. In doing so you will be directly supporting the conservation of the Eastern Box Turtle. Box turtles are vanishing across their range due to habitat destruction, interactions with humans and our domestic animals and illegal collection for the overseas pet trade and bush meat markets. Please consider supporting this unique wildlife conservation effort by purchasing one or more of these one-of-a-kind geocoins--email me for more info on how to get your own coin.

Follow your donation's action by watching the updates on the Turtle Tracks website or sign up for the Earthshine Nature Notes and Turtle Tracks Newsletter and receive regular email updates on the Turtle Tracks conservation program and nature related events at Earthshine and important wildlife news and trivia from around the world! Newsletters will be in the form of a periodic email so sign up now!

Check out "For The Turtles 2008" a video compilation of the 2008 Turtle Tracks season--enjoy!

You may also log into and sign up for the "Earthshine Turtle Tracks Eastern Box Turtle Conservation Group" to receive reports and video updates on the project through our Facebook page.


My story.

Me with a Black racer at Lake Jocassee, SC.

My name is Steve O'Neil (aka "CrotalusRex" within the Geocaching community). I am a naturalist and environmental educator and at Earthshine Mountain Lodge in Lake Toxaway, NC. I designed my first Geocoin in memory of the late Steve Irwin--The Crocodile Hunter. The coin was called the Crikey! Fundraiser Geocoin and it's purpose was to to raise money for Steve Irwin's wildlife conservation organization Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. Like Steve Irwin, I am also passionate about wildlife and nature conservation and education and I wanted to do something that would not only raise money for wildlife conservation but something that would spread Steve's message of wildlife conservation around the world--the Crikey! Fundraiser Geocoin. I followed Steve's career through his shows on animal planet since they began. When Steve Irwin died I simply did not believe it. The full magnitude of what had happened didn't sink in right away. After reading about it online I wandered out in the forest behind my house and felt numb to everything. A while later it all hit me like a charging bull Elephant--I cried, held my wife close and would not let go of her for a long time. I felt as if I had lost a true friend or family member although I had never personally met Steve Irwin.

My nephew Cody helps me with a Timber Rattlesnake.

Steve Irwin was my hero. He was my greatest inspiration to continue to follow my dream of working with wildlife conservation and environmental education. I truly believe that the world lost a mighty voice for wildlife and wild places when he left us. I will never really understand why this has happened but what I do know is that Steve made a great impact on this earth, he helped countless animals survive, he preserved vast tracts of wildlife habitat and land from development, he educated millions of people about the importance of wildlife and wild places and he had a great positive impact on millions of animal and nature loving children and adults everywhere and he will be so greatly missed by so many Wildlife Warriors the world over.

Now more than ever, those of us who are left...those of us who have been gifted with the love, the understanding and the passion to bring Nature knowledge to the masses--we have a challenge, a goal and a true purpose to take action and not let Steve's death be the end of his message.

We must fight tooth and claw, hoof and horn to inspire people to see, hear and to understand how wonderful, beautiful and important Nature, wildlife and wild places are to the healthy functioning of this Earth.

From one wildlife warrior to another--my honest and deepest thoughts and prayers go out to you Terri, Bindi Sue, Robert, Bob, Wes and John and all of the rest of the Australia Zoo family in my sorrow for your incredible loss.

Steve Irwin's wildlife conservation message changed my world and inspired me greatly to continue to follow my lifelong dream of working with wildlife conservation and education.

Check out the Ctenosaur I caught on the porch of my bungalow while on a trip to Costa Rica a few years ago.

Steve O'Neil's Facebook profile

Please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook but please send me a note in your friend request that you know me through the Turtle Tracks coin--thanks.

Profile for CrotalusRex and Mimichan

"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold

Me and "Softy" the Spiny softshell turtle that I released back into the wild during the late summer of 2007.

My beautiful wife Marian and I camping in the Shining Rock Wilderness area near Brevard, NC during the late summer of 2004--we are grinning big because I had just popped the question a few hours earlier while we were picking wild blueberries on the side of a 6000' mountain!

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