Benny was working in the Pioneer Village in late August 2007 and found this ~3 year old Eastern Box Turtle that had been attacked by a predator of some kind.


Late Summer 2009

Tiny is doing so well that he has outgrown his enclosure so he has moved to the TEAM E.C.C.O education facility in Hendersonville, NC. He will live there for several years teaching people about box turtles and how they can help them survive. After living at Team E.C.C.O he will move back to Earthshine and live out the rest of his days in the outdoor turtle pen. Although Tiny lives at Team E.C.C.O. he is still an Earthshine Turtle so if you would like to adopt him please feel free to do so. Check out Team E.C.C.O. here.

July 2009. Tiny is not so tiny anymore! He/she (we aren't sure on gender yet) is about twice the size of when he/she was first found in 2007 and doing great! Check out the newest pic of Tiny below.

November 2007. Tiny has healed but it is a wonder that this tiny turtle survived the attack. Although Tiny's injuries have healed a large amount of its shell was torn away and only soft skin and scar tissue have replaced the bone and the bone will not regenerate. If this tiny turtle were to be released it would not survive very long without the protection that it's shell provides from predators. For this reason tiny will have to remain with us at R & R as an education animal. This is very sad because every animal that is removed from the wild means a reduction in the gene pool of that species in the area. Since box turtles have a very slow reproductive rate removing even one can be detrimental to the local populations. PLEASE never take a box turtle that you find home with you as a "pet." Admire it, take a photo and enjoy it in it's home then leave it in it's home.

Take a look at the short video below of Tiny enjoying some eggs--Mmmmm good!