As part of the new "Snake Tracks" Timber rattlesnake conservation program we have implanted a Holohil
radio transmitter into the body cavity of two adult Timber rattlesnakes. Our goals are:

1. Knowledge--to learn more about the natural movements of a wild Timber rattlesnakes, their seasonal movements, the type of habitat they usee and possibly, locate their over-wintering location(s)...and more!

2. Safety--it will be good to know if the snakes are nearby for safety reasons--safety for the humans and for the snakes.

3. Education-- Tracking these snakes, and possibly more if we ever encounter them, will help us educate visitors to Earthshine Mountain Lodge, the Earthshine Nature Center and online visitors on the beauty, and the natural value that snakes have to us all. My hope is that by following in the tracks of Utsanati and Zoe, viewing photos and watching video clips of their lives on the mountain you will learn to admire, respect and protect not only the Timber rattlesnake but all snakes and other misunderstood creatures.

Note: we do not plan to take lodge guests and public visitors on rattlesnake tracking expeditions as we do with box turtles. The fact is simply that the Timber rattlesnake has a "weapon" that makes them inherently more dangerous than a box turtle. We will however make public all photos and videos of these snakes in their natural habitats. Tracking of these snakes is taking place on private lands. Trespassing by outsiders is strictly forbidden and violators will be prosecuted. All locations are approximate and exact locations will not be revealed.

We are currently tracking two Timber rattlesnakes. Click on the links below to visit each snake's tracking page.

Utsanati's Tracks

Zoe's Tracks


Without the help of the following people this project would not be possible:

Earthshine Mountain Lodge

Richland Ridge residents

Lori Williams NCWRC Field Biologist

Gabrielle Graeter NCWRC Field Biologist

Dr. Ron Davis Professor at WCU

Dr. Lee Bolt of Sweeten Creek Animal and Bird Hospital

Holohil Radio Transmitters

Music by The Steep Canyon Rangers used with permission.

Thank you Steve Irwin, Marty Martin, John Sealy and Bruce Means for your passion for wildlife science and conservation and for your inspiration for me to undertake this project.

Earthshine Nature Programs is a small, volunteer operated 501c3 non-profit charity. We are dedicated to the conservation of our native wildlife and the education of our visitors and viewers like you why our wildlife and wild places are so important to us all.

To contact Steve or for more information on our nature programs visit: