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Nature Notes and Turtle Tracks Newsletter


This is the kids zone corner of the Earthshine Nature Notes and Turtle Tracks Newsletter. NOTE: If the puzzles/games do not load or act strange you may need to update to the latest flash player here.

NEW for Spring 2010

Take a look at this new puzzle of a jumping spider--good luck!

Now visit with Ranger Rick and learn all about how you can help the planet.

Check out this awesome artwork that a visitor to Earthshine created for us!

Check out this very cool interactive nature game for everyone.

Before you start the games and puzzles, crank up the frog chorus and jam to some natural tunes from the pond!

Now try your hand at some cool interactive puzzles and other interesting and educational things from your friends at Earthshine Mountain Lodge.

Here is a new puzzle of Mama Prichard a Loggerhead Sea Turtle that was being treated at the South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue Hospital.

Here's a is a huge toad--see if you can put her back together!

The second new puzzle is a photo of a lake near Waynesville, NC--what a beautiful place!


This is one of the Bullfrogs that live down in the pond at the Pioneer Village. See how fast you can complete him!

This puzzle is of a tiny tree frog that mistook a Christmas light bulb for a firefly! Luckily, He was rescued by the photographer and lived--now that is one tough frog! Photo by James Snyder.

This puzzle is of a mother Opossum and her babies--how cute!

This last puzzle was taken at the Earthshine Pioneer pond a few years ago.

Check out the Defenders of Wildlfie games --very fun and educational!

Play with a cool Play a COOL lights out game from EARTH HOUR!

Play with a cool interactive spider!

Play a fun interactive snake game!

Take the Scat Challenge and see if you know scat!

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