Mojo is an adult male Eastern Box Turtle. In 2005 he was severely injured by a mower and his carapace (upper shell) was badly damaged. After his injury he was taken to a rehab facility near Asheville, NC where his wounds were treated and he stayed until he had recovered enough to be released back into the "wild." The only problem was that nobody knew exactly where he had come from so he could not be released just anywhere that looked "wild" since box turtles are such homebodies. All the time he had spent healing in the rehabilitation facility, moving him to a new area could have had negative results for him.

In early September 2007 he moved to Earthshine to participate in a new study on relocated, rehabilitated box turtles. Once at Earthshine he spent a few weeks in the rehabilitation pen out in the sunshine eating slugs, snails, worms, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, beetles and other goodies in preparation for his release. He also received an epoxy shell patch over the damaged area of his shell that will protect him from predators as his shell continues to heal.

He then was fitted with a Telenax model TXB 125G radio transmitter in late September and was released on October 02. We are now tracking his movements in order to collect some good data on what a rehabilitated and relocated Eastern Box Turtle does when faced with an entirely new environment. The environment Mojo has been released into contains excellent box turtle habitat and many box turtles have been found there. Mojo is healthy, eats well and is very active. During this study he will be weighed once or twice per month (except for during hibernation when he will not be disturbed in any way) in order to determine if he is successfully feeding in his new environment. I suspect that he will loose some weight due to the new surroundings and increased activity but if he drastically looses weight I will return him to the R & R enclosure.

Mojo's adopted "guardians" are Alan Cameron and Charlie Green whose generous donations have made this study possible.

Mojo's stats are as follows:

Date found: Exact date UNKNOWN.

Location found: Buncombe County. Exact location UNKNOWN.

Weight: 495g. 515g with transmitter on release day.

Maximum Carapace Length: 132mm

Total Plastron Length: 135mm

Age: 15+ years old.

Habitat: UNKNOWN

ID marked marginals: BIJ.


NOTE: Exact location information will not be posted on this site due to possible poaching/trespass issues.

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Location data, movies and photos collected at each observation will be posted via the tracking log links below.

Mojo's Tracks Tracking Logs


Mojo has been missing since the summer of 2009. I believe that his transmitter malfunctioned and that he is still happily living in the forested cove west of Earthshine where he had been for almost two years.

Click the photo link below to go to the MOJO'S TRACKS track logs. Each tracking day has its own page for easier viewing. On each page you will find the detail data of each tracking day, photos and a short video of Mojo's position and habitat at the time of location. Logs begin with the most recent and progress to the oldest as you click through the links at the bottom of each days page.

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Please return often because as this study unfolds, I will update this page with more data, photos and movies documenting the journeys of Mojo the Eastern Box Turtle.

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Please contact us if have a box turtle that is local to the WNC area and is injured, displaced, in need of a little R & R or if you are interested in becoming a part of The Earthshine Turtle Tracks program.