Mr. Frodo is an adult male Eastern Box Turtle. I found him crossing a dirt road in the Fortress of Solitude Study Site in July 2009.

I attached a radio transmitter to Mr. Frodo and released him in the woods on the side of the road near where he was discovered.

UPDATE July 2010.

Mr. Frodo has been retired from the Turtle Tracks conservation program and he has been released back into his habitat. He was retired because his study site is so distant from Earthshine that I was not able to locate him as often as I need to to generate good data on his movements.

Mr. Frodo's stats are as follows:

Found on 7-21-09

Location: Fortress of Solitude study site.

Weight: 460g

Maximum Carapace Length: 137.5mm

Total Plastron Length: 130mm

Age: 20+ years old.

Habitat where Mr. Frodo was found: on dirt road in mixed hardwood forest.

ID marked marginals: ACI.

To view Mr. Frodo's 2009-10 tracking map in a new window just click HERE

NOTE: Distances and locations on the map are approximate. Exact location information will not be posted on this site due to possible poaching/trespass issues.

Observational data, movies and photos collected each time Mr. Frodo is located will be posted through the link below.

Mr. Frodo's Tracking Logs

If you would like to view Mr. Frodo's previous tracking days just click the photo link below to go to Mr. Frodo's track logs. Each tracking day has its own page for easier viewing. On each page you will find the detail data of each tracking day, photos and often a short video of Mr. Frodo's position at the time of location. If you remember the date you tracked Mr. Frodo with me just search the log for your date to easily find information and photos/videos from the day of your turtle tracking adventure!

Click on the below photo to go to Mr. Frodo's tracking day index.

Please return often because as this study unfolds, I will update this page with more data, photos and movies documenting the journeys of Mr. Frodo the Eastern Box Turtle.

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