The next turtle to become a part of the Earthshine Turtle Tracks project is Frazier. He is a striking male that was found by Turtle Tracks volunteer Meredith Brooks in the community where she lives in Cedar Mountain, NC. Frazier lives only a short distance from Bones.

Frazier received a transmitter in mid October and was released near his point of capture and Meredith and I have begun following his movements. Data from Frazier's Tracks will be compared with Bone's Tracks and the tracks of the Earthshine Turtles in order to get a better idea of the movements of wild Eastern Box Turtles in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Frazier's tracks will be of special interest since he lives in a wooded residential area near several homes, roads and trails. I know this goes without saying but if you are lucky enough to live near frazier please drive carefully and slowly because Frazier and his friends could be crossing the road just around the next curve.

Frazier's adopted "guardians" are Meredith Brooks and Mary Beth Wallace and the residents of Sherwood Forest whose generous donations have made this study possible.

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If you would like to adopt (sponsor) Frazier just email me for more information.