The Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" Memorial Geocoin

I designed this special coin in honor of my hero,

Steve Irwin--"The Crocodile Hunter"

The first run of the CRIKEY! Fundraiser coin sold out in 2007 and all profits from the sale of this coin were donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd. to support Steve and Terri Irwin's ongoing work preserving and conserving the wildlife and wild places that need it the most.


The second minting of the CRIKEY! Fundraiser Geocoin is now available for sale on the Coinsandpins website now! Click HERE to get your CRIKEY! coin today!

This second run of the CRIKEY! Fundraiser Geocoin will raise money for Wildlife Warriors and The Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund. Bob Irwin is Steve's father and the man that made Steve the great conservationist, naturalist and wildlife warrior that he was. I have decided to donate 50% of the proceeds to Wildlife Warriors and 50% to The Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund.

Steve and Terri Irwin started Wildlife Warriors in 2002 " a way to include and involve other caring people to support the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife--from the individual animal to an entire species." (from the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide website)

Some of Wildlife Warriors projects include:

The Australian Wildlife Hospital

Species and Habitat Conservation (Asia)

Crocodile Rescue and Research (International)

Community Education (International)

Emergency Wildlife Response (including the Tsunami project)

And there is now a branch of Wildlife Warriors in Eugene Oregon--Terri Irwin's hometown!

Please read on to learn about the Crikey! Fundraiser Geocoin's story.

Background Story

On September 04, 2006 Steve Irwin tragically lost his life doing what he loved best. Steve was filming some footage for an underwater documentary and working with a Stingray when it struck resulting in his death. Steve was in the peak of his life and his career; he had developed his parents' tiny reptile park where he grew up into the world-class Australia Zoo that it is today. His passion for wildlife, compassion for animals, his co-workers and especially his family and his active involvement in wildlife and habitat conservation were infectious to almost all who watched his shows on Animal Planet or at his Zoo. Steve loved his animals but he loved his family more than words can say, you could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice when he was speaking of them in his shows. Steve was the real deal--he was True Blue

Steve leaves behind his beautiful wife Terri and two children Bindi Sue and Robert to operate the zoo and carry on his grand conservation vision.

Steve referred to himself as a Wildlife Warrior and as I mentioned above he founded the conservation organization known as Wildlife Warriors Worldwide where he put the funds he generated from his films, Zoo and donations from people like you and me to good use protecting the wildlife and habitats that he was so passionate about. Wildlife Warriors has purchased thousands of acres of sensitive wildlife habitat areas in order to preserve these areas for the benefit of the wildlife that live there. They also operate the Australian Wildlife Hospital that cares for injured, sick and orphaned Australian wildlife, rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild. Please take a look at the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide website for a full description of their objectives, goals and projects.

The Crocodile Hunter's story is the story of a humble man with a great passion for life, for his family, for the planets wildlife and the environment in which we all live. Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter was probably one of the best known Australians in recent history and more than that he truly changed our world for the better.

Thank you Steve Irwin for your brief but oh so important time here on Earth.

More about "CRIKEY!" - the Steve Irwin memorial Geocoin.

So why have I designed this coin--at first you may think that a simple coin doesn't seem like much of a memorial to a man that had such a great influence on so many people all over the world. This is much more than a simple coin. I designed this coin to benefit Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and the first minting did just that. ALL money generated (save production costs) from the sale of this memorial coin was directly donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. When I do a second minting ALL money generated will be divided 50/50 and donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and and The Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund to be used for the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat that Steve and Bob Irwin are so passionate about protecting.

I hope this coin will serve not only as a reminder of the man Steve Irwin but also as a reminder of his message of the great importance of wildlife conservation and public education about wildlife and their relationship to mankind. The Crikey coin's insert will carry the web address of this website and hopefully, those who hold this coin will view this website and be inspired to donate further to the conservation of wildlife and wild places through Wildlife Warriors then together we can all all help make a real difference in wildlife conservation worldwide. I would also wish that as the coins are bought, sold and traded in the years that follow their initial sale, that the people that acquire them will feel it in their hearts to donate further to the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide cause.

Check outthe Crikey Fundraiser geocoins that Geocachers all over the world have sent out on missions of conservation! These tiny coins will continue to spread Steve Irwin's message of wildlife conservation and understanding to the world for years to come. Thank you to the hundreds of geocachers that have bought Crikey coins to support wildlife conservation!

Some of you may say what good would a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars do toward the Wildlife Warriors Worldwide conservation goal--all I can say is that every cent counts. It all adds up and in the end and your purchase of just one coin will help save the life of an injured Koala, rescue a Carpet Python, rehabilitate a sea turtle, help purchase habitat for an Asian Elephant or provide funds for the ongoing research with Tasmanian Devils that have been stricken with a deadly contagious disease (Devil Facial Tumor Disease) that is threatening to wipe them out of existence! I know from experience that every cent truly does count because I once helped a friend operate a non-profit nature center that ran primarily on donations. Every donation, no matter how small, went to the animals food, heath care, habitat construction, utilities and so on--so all donations DO make a difference.

Take a look at this tribute video I put together from all of the photos that geocachers carrying Crikey! coins have taken during their travels!

Now check out some of the comments that have been left by geocachers who hold Crikey! coins that are traveling all over the world spreading Steve's wildlife conservation message!